Michele Deis

  • Student at “Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources”
  • at Albert-Ludwig-University, Freiburg (Germany)
  • Practices at UEA: November - December 2015


Why did you elect Ecuador for your studies?

Because of the Thuenen Institute (scientific partner of the UEA) I became aware on the internship opportunity on the UEA in Ecuador.


How was your experience at the UEA?

Overall, I can report good experiences. It was interesting to see how work science runs in Ecuador. Many staff members were very helpful, especially the people at the CIPCA.


What were the biggest differences you found between university lifestyle in Ecuador and in your country?

My work results were slowed down enormously by the bureaucracy. In Germany we do not have such a bureaucracy. In addition, only a few materials were available that I could use for my work. I had to improvise a lot, but this has worked quite well. Nevertheless my work results would have been better with the right materials.


What was the first you said to your friends when you came back home?

At the UEA can make exciting projects and theses, but you should bring your own materials with you, have everything planned out to the end and speak Spanish. You will get much support and the people are super nice. In addition, Ecuador is a beautiful country, which you should see!


A special thanks to Laura Scalvenzi, Pedro Rios, Laura Salazar and Michael, the hotel manager in CIPCA, for the great support!